NewSpace Media is the leading LED screen hire company in Sheffield and we are committed to providing high quality outdoor LED screens for hire. We have a wealth of experience in providing screens for music festivals, concerts, outdoor sporting events, demonstrations, Christmas and New Year Events and exhibitions.

Not only this, our screens are also used to compliment Marketing/Advertising campaigns for grand openings, product launches, charity drives and public announcement to publicise our clients message and taking it directly to the heart of their audiences. This builds their brands, gets them noticed and of course boosts sales!

NewSpace Media Ltd Mobile LED Display Screens feature:
- 8mm SMD LED
- Adjustable Brightness
- Up to 5 meter Screen Elevation
- 15 Minute Set-Up time
-Fully Self-Contained
- Up to 2 HD Cameras
- Generator for Power
- Live Satellite Feed
-Blu-ray Player
- Wrap It For Branding

Why Do Event Organisers, Marketing Agencies and Businesses prefer hiring Mobile LED Screens:

• Ease of Setup/Teardown: An average LED panel is around 2 feet by 2 feet, so you can imagine how long it would take building out and tearing down a large screen. Mobile units take as little as 15 minutes to set up. Just one less thing to worry about during the crazy time of event setup.

• Flexibility: Need your screen in multiple locations in one day? No problem - We will simply drive it there. Need to raise the screen higher? No problem - Our built-in hydraulic lifts the entire unit with the press of a button.

• Footprint: Trussing systems often require stabilising outriggers that can take up a significant amount of space. Mobile units have a much lower centre of gravity and do not require outriggers. This means bigger screens that take up less valuable ground space.

• Reliability: Mobile units are built and tested in advance. This reduces the chance of on-site setup issues

• Price: Ease of set-up and tear-down translates to a lower consumer cost.

The Bottom Line
Mobile LED Screens are the way of the future and the perfect way to engage huge crowds with entertaining vivid display. The sky is the limit with mobile LED Screens due to their remarkable versatility and turnkey nature.

To learn more Contact Us for a friendly chat - You have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain!

Serving: Event Organisers & UK Businesses Nationwide!

Corporate - Galas - Events - Festivals - Concerts - Graduations - Street Fairs - Charities - Church Services - Public Announcements - Grand Openings - Premiers - Live Sporting Events

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